Our products: LTL/400 and AgiliTrans

LTL/400 and AgiliTrans are quote-to-cash enterprise-scale transportation management systems designed specifically for asset-based LTL and mode-neutral/3PL transportation organizations.  Each handles freight bill entry, rating, dispatching, revenue account, invoicing, cash application, transportation payables management, EDI, customer service, customer-facing reporting, and internal reporting.

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User access is controlled on a "by need" basis through an easy-to-configure menu system--no programming is required.  System administrators or power users specify the options available for a given menu, which can be set up for a specific job function or assigned to one individual.  There's no limit to the number of menus or number of options.  Menus can be nested (a power user menu can call multiple lower-level menus). Usually local and purchased applications can be added to the menu system.

AgiliTrans is used for transportation intermediaries (mode-neutral transportation, non-asset carriers, 3PL's) handling truckload brokerage, LTL brokerage, COFC/TOFC (intermodal), and expedited (courier) traffic.  The pricing system provides multiple mode-, date-, and size-sensitive quoting, pricing, and fee (margin) management capabilities. This system supports Company- and agent-owned offices.

LTL/400 is used by asset-based LTL carriers, freight forwarders, expedited LTL carriers, and hybrid LTL/TL carriers handling as few as 100 shipments/day to considerably over 30,000/day--it depends upon the hardware (you buy a bigger system if you have higher volumes). There are multiple options for managing and modifying operational and administrative business practices, a rich database suitable for data mining, and fully automated daily computer operations for reporting.